Welcome! You’ll find here a selection of my published articles which you can discover via the menu above.

My background is in mobile strategy (devices/oem/odm/network) across Europe and Asia, and social media. I personally believe User Generated Content is a significant part of the future so have set up and run a video blog  Implausibleblog.com – covering fashion shows, museum gallery launches, Michelin star restaurant reviews, and much more. This channel however focuses on my written words :)

I’m also exploring a new digital advertising model, waiting patiently for angel investors to share the vision and provide the £140k sought to build a comprehensive demo :) If you fit the bill and would like to know more, do get in touch:

NB All content pre-2012 extracted from archives.

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  1. I am a producer a at a radio station in SA and we would like to have you on our show today at 17:10SA time looking at the piece you wrote following the Boston blasts. The interview would be a 20 minute telelink and live on air. Please respond as soon as you can!

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